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Use information technology to meet your business objectives
What Can We Do For You Through Information Technology Consulting?


Secure your organization against all kinds of data security threats.


Small or Large organization, we can support all your IT needs.


Gigabyte network solutions and High traffic not a problem.


Looking to implement reliable connectivity? We can help.

IT advisory

As our client, you can call upon us for a solution to any of your technology needs. We have experience in just about anything relating to technology across many industries. While we specialize in the Auto industry, our team has a diverse background.

Some of our experience includes.

  • Desktop Ergonomics
  • Software development
  • Online Communities
  • Datacenter design and construction
  • Retail Technology
  • Cat5/6 cabling and network infrastructure

Internet Marketing

If we cannot meet the needs of your Internet marketing we can advise you so you know what you should be paying and what you should be receiving from your marketing services firm. We are old school Internet marketers and have seen it all. We can help with many of your needs including

  • Organic search results
  • Website creation and internet presence building
  • Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other social media management
  • Email and list maintenance

IT Staff Outsourcing

TheITguy understands that your business relies on its computer network. You need it to perform. And most of the time it does. So it doesn’t make sense for your business to hire IT staff full time.

But when a problem occurs, every minute that passes is money lost. You need solutions fast. You need TheITguy.

At TheITguy, we make your priority our priority. You make the call and we answer. No button pressing or international call center. You reach someone right here in New Jersey that speaks English as a first language – the owner or one of his direct reports answers. It’s that important. We want to understand your needs fully and immediately so we can begin helping you solve it right away.

We are also reachable (and just as responsive) via email or text messaging – whatever you prefer. You can even fax us. We are easy to reach and will address your needs quickly.

If you have an IT problem, or just want to be ready when you do, call us. We’ll be happy to set up your account so you can be ready when minutes count.

  • We have emergency staff available 24/7
  • We have our own remote access tools
  • We are insured
  • You are instantly in touch with the company owners
  • We like people!

Application Development

While not many companies need this service, the ones that do need us. We offer detailed project management and have unique experience in developing software for large organizations with 1 single application being deployed companywide on over 180,000 user’s desktops. Please consult with us before you contract your development project. Just like building a house, you want to get your application done right the first time. Here is what we can offer.

  • Windows application development
  • Website based application development using Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Apple iPad and iPhone application development

We are a professional application developer. These projects require highly talented and skilled people and lots of testing. Pricing of these projects are by contractual specifications only.

Corporate Email Services

Effective communications with your employees and your customers requires your lines of communication to be solid and easy to use. We offer an excellent email platform with the following features.

  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus
  • All junk mail automatically goes to the junk folder for review
  • HTML / POP3 / IMAP connectivity
  • Cross browser compatibility for FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera
  • Instant delivery and receipt.
  • Full reporting
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • File Storage

Web Hosting Services

We offer managed web hosting for any scenario and offer scalability for thousands of users simultaneously in house. Larger sites are offsite in large cloud hosting facilities. While we prefer windows based web server environments, we can offer any type.

  • Here are some of the features we offer
  • Parallels Plesk or CPanel Control panels. All current versions
  • Scalable storage
  • Payment by Paypal or Credit card
  • Direct Cell phone access for support.
  • Domain name and DNS hosting
  • 16 dollar domain registrations yearly.

IT Security

Your company is being hacked everyday, thousands of times a day. I’m not kidding. There are hundreds of thousands of hackers running scripts from just as many compromised systems on the Internet. Your machines could be some of those zombie machines and they can be slowing your networks down or the machines down. Most likely if I was to come to your computer today I would find several tool bars installed that you didn’t remember installing and all sorts of other things on your machine that are compromising your security. I will show you this in real time if you want. Just let me know. Here are some things we can do to help.

  • Quarterly and yearly security reviews
  • Implement policies using content controlling systems
  • Bulletproof your machines by bringing them up to date implementing automatic updates
  • Installing free security tools that are low impact
  • Use our custom support tools to insure a quality experience using the computer
  • Audit software installed by users

Video Security

Many companies need physical security guards and ways to protect their physical property as well as intellectual property. Cameras provide not only evidence but provide peace of mind as a deterrent. We use only the best cameras we could find. Mobotix cameras have excellent software and up to 3 megapixel resolution with excellent lenses. We cannot find a better solution for our clients.

  • Some of the features include
  • 6 megapixel resolution
  • Individually addressable and do NOT require a DVR
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) Cat5 or above for single wire data/power
  • Weatherproof
  • Day/Night
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Thermal Options Available
  • iPhone and Android apps for remote access

Auto Dealer Services specializes in meeting the needs of car dealers and auto groups. We offer personalized services that are second to none. We are experienced in conversions of UCS to ADP and all the services that ADP offers. We are often the first line of support for our clients and knowing these systems is what makes us valuable. We instantly answer the phone and correct problems that often will take many calls to ADP and opening a trouble ticket to resolve. If you want to get your systems working quickly and avoid waiting then you need our services. I would say there is at least 1 person in your organization that has worked with me in the past. Here are some vendors we worked with for NJ auto dealers.

  • ADP/CDK Dealer Services
  • One Command / Higher Gear
  • Market Scan
  • Extreme Services
  • UCS / Reynolds and Reynolds
  • All Major Car Brands systems like Dealer Daily and Honda iNetwork, KaiNet
  • Toughbook and Honda and Toyota troubleshooting systems
  • Time Highway
  • MPI Edge
  • ADP Payroll
  • CDK / ADP Network Phone
  • Keytrack and Keyvault
  • RouteOne Signature pads
  • Dealertrack

Security Solutions

A very large percentage of desktop computers are infected in any home or small business even if you believe you are protected. Traditional approaches to finding and removing a virus / spyware and malware are changing constantly. We use several different techniques and use only low or no cost resources for keeping computers safe. We also use our own custom software to avoid many of the attacks on commonly used support tools. We are experts at securing and removing threats in any size organization. Many companies do not audit their policies and procedures when it comes to using computers in the work place. We can implement hierarchical processes that allow access only to those approved sites based on categories you define and even provide granular user level access controls. Keep your networks safe for your customer data. Here are some of the vendors we work with to provide your company with excellent data security. Microsoft.

Internet Solutions

Every company needs a solid plan when it comes to their Internet presence. We will recommend partners and solutions for every scenario. We can secure and broker domain names or develop a strategy to understand how your internet marketing is effecting you’re organization. We will tell you what makes sense and provide you the advice from a team of professionals that marketed themselves online before the commercial Internet you know today existed. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Solid email solutions with spam and virus filters that are industry leaders.
  • Custom mail delivery for your email marketing and opt in lists.
  • Social media expertise with Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, Linkedin,and Twitter
  • Organic search engine advice to keep your paid advertising to a minimum.
  • Help you make decisions on whether or not to offer a mobile presence.
  • Website design / scalability solutions
  • Database and Internet Application development

Network Solutions

The heart of anyone’s business is the network. It is important that your network infrastructure is both secure and fast! We can bring low cost network solutions to your company using quality products from companies like Cisco, D-Link, NetGear and Sonicwall. If you’re running 10 or 100 base Ethernet networks, you should be at least planning a move to newer technologies soon. We have excellent quality network wiring guys and we work clean and neat. No mess left behind. If you are looking for the ability to offer wireless access to your employees or customers we can offer these solutions also. It is always a good idea to make sure these networks are separate to avoid data sniffing on your networks opening the possibility of customer data theft. Some of the things we can do for you:

  • Convert existing networks to higher speeds
  • Integrate DSL / Cable connections to replace older slower T1 networks
  • Convert traditional network systems to support Power over Ethernet or POE
  • Implement wireless connectivity between multiple buildings
  • Implement infrastructure to support VOIP phone systems
  • Implement customer wireless networks
  • Integrate Network Attached Storage or NAS systems.
  • Network wiring and data cabinet facilitation
  • Implement routers and DHCP scopes

Technical Support

Here at the we provide technical support for many different size companies. We will support your entire organizations IT needs using industry standard best practices. We can offer same day services and remote support from one of our knowledgeable support staff using our own tools or if you use LogMeIn or any other remote support tool. We provide a custom support tool as well as a direct number to our lead technician. We don’t funnel you through to an offshore entry level support company and ask you crazy questions. We know who you are and know what your time is worth. Here are some of the Technical support services that our clients ask for.

  • Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Add more memory to your computer
  • Reinstall the O/S
  • Replace an SSD
  • Install software and configure it
  • Configure email clients and phones for email
  • Remove viruses
  • Replace Keyboards and Mice

Now of course some of these things are simple tasks, but you aren’t in business to do those simple tasks. Here are some of the harder things companies ask us to do.

  • Setup a test lab for software testing
  • Setup a VPN for remote vendor access
  • Install commercial grade wireless networks
  • Install cellular network repeaters for making cell phones work in my building
  • Install High Definition camera networks
  • Scrub mailing lists
  • Install VOIP phone systems

All of these things really require a level of expertise that only comes with experience. (except replacing a keyboard and mouse). Everyone can do that!