Auto Industry Technical Solutions


Who We Are

TheITGuy, a subsidiary of Dialsoft, was founded in 1993 by Marc Frega. Since the beginning TheITGuy’s goal has always been to provide intuitive, responsive and innovative I.T. solutions to our clients. We feel we have succeeded in that goal and pushed the limits of information techology to a new standard. We take on a wide array of clientele, from auto dealerships, small businesses, corporations to residential users.

Simply put, if you have IT problems, we have IT answers. Our support team and staff work tirelessly to solve the problems modern technology brings. We cover a wide array of different services; Whether we are repairing systems, working with existing infrastructure implementations or setting up a large-scale infrastructure, our experience is unparalleled, and solutions guaranteed.

Mission Statement

TheITGuy’s goal is to exceed expectations in all arenas of our industry. Client satisfaction is our top priority, which we meet through a mixture of dedication, communication and an array of different skillsets.

  • Testimonials

    Working with Marc has been a great experience. He routinely provides my company many different serivces, and does so at a very high quality.

    Very satisfied, and would recommend to anyone.

    Max F.

    Your guys are the bomb

    Elaine M.

    Quick, effective and easy to work with. Need I say more?

    Jackie S.

    Marc. Just want you to know how pleased I am with the work you did in my computer. It works better than it ever did. Thank you!!

    Pam K.

    My company is diversified in many different areas of business, yet our IT department consist of me alone. Anytime I've needed help, I called TheITGuy. The tech's tech.

    John H.